25 Random Facts About Me


Hey there! My name is Emma — a seventeen year old girl trying to make her way through college while harvesting her love for fashion and photography. So many blogs have given me inspiration for my current style, and I want to try and do that for other as well. Here and there I also want to share my lifestyle experiences as well, just to show a couple of snippets from my life.

Here are 25 things about me that I think will help you as a reader to get to know me just a little bit better:

  1. I’m studying chemical engineering at Vanderbilt University.
  2. My favorite color is blue.
  3. I prefer tea over coffee. Lemongrass is my favorite!
  4. I LOVE baking! Cakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls, whatever I can get a recipe for. Bonus points if it’s vegan.
  5. My favorite song is Sticks and Stones by Jonsi. Not gonna lie, it’s from the How To Train Your Dragon soundtrack. It’s just such a soothing song!
  6. I love dancing! I’ve been dancing ballet since I was 4, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.
  7. Slightly K-Pop obsessed. And by slightly I mean very.
  8. Most of my playlists include songs from movie soundtracks and scores. FYI, Danny Elfman is a musical genius.
  9. Lately, I’ve become a little shoe obsessed.
  10.   San Pellegrinos are my absolute favorite drink. The blood orange flavor, to be more specific.
  11. My ultimate life goal is to be able to travel across the world, whether it be for pleasure or for work. There are so many places I’ve yet to see and, I dream of being able to explore them all.
  12. I absolutely hate wearing jeans! Something about them is just always uncomfortable to me.
  13. I prefer cats over dogs. Ironically, I’m also allergic to cats.
  14. I can’t understand football to save my life. Or most other sports for that matter.
  15. Fall is my favorite season.
  16. I love cake/cupcakes, but I’m not a huge fan of frosting.
  17. I have a Finding Nemo poster from when I was 3 in my room. And it’s never leaving my room.
  18. I used to be a pescetarian, but now I just don’t eat red meat.
  19. I’m a total believer of the quote “Everything happens for a reason.” It gives life a more optimistic outlook in my opinion.
  20. I always sleep with a comforter or blanket, no matter the weather.
  21. I’d like to dye my hair a dark red or pastel color, but I’m too afraid of it damaging my hair.
  22. My black leather jacket is my favorite article of clothing out of everything I own.
  23. I really would like to learn aerial, or at least take an aerial silks class. Someday….
  24. Painting is one of my favorite pasttimes. I love creating abstract or impressionist versions of nature scenery. I usually end up abandoning my paintbrush for my fingers and Q-tips by the time I’m halfway through the painting.
  25. Before I decided I wanted to be a chemical engineer,  I wanted to be a marine biologist. Even now I’m drawn to oceanic sciences, but I prefer to study them on a microscopic level.


That’s just a snippet of me! I’m SUPER excited to start this blog, and I hope you’ll like it! ❤